About Coince investment and affiliate program

About Coince investment and affiliate program

Coince affiliate program

Power Supplies & Equipment Limited can be a British multinational corporation headquartered in London that was founded on January 2008 and rapidly became one of the main leaders in the wholesale electricity market by boasting professional traders along with a highly experienced engineering team with well-diversified areas of expertise to allow for participation in the industry market within a safe and non-risk investment environment.
As BitCoin mining demand grows and more than half of its profits spending for mining hardware power consumption, a sees an emerging opportunity in serving the hosting needs of BitCoin miners, who typically seek high-density space with cheap power. Beginning 2013 we now have decided to focus our wholesale electricity trading efforts in the BitCoin mining industry and built a unique data center from industry-leading equipment according to world-class standards to host miners in the best condition using the lowest power cost.
Besides, we've created an opportunity for online investors through offering long-term contracts for getting large quantities of power which lower the wholesale electricity price to make us able to share our daily retail sales profit together. Today, there is a number of well known corporations and people found Coince as a rewarding spot to invest and double their funds quarterly because investing hasn't ever been so safe and straightforward. We hope you will come along and discover these rewards for yourself. Coince affiliate program